What’s Next for Amazon?

Healthcare & Amazon

Remember when Amazon was a seller of books? My how things have changed! In 2018, nearly half of all consumer product searches started on Amazon.

Of course, we now can buy nearly everything we could ever want on Amazon. From coffins to groceries, Amazon has it all – including some very weird stuff.

But, in 2019, what will Amazon get into next? How about healthcare? Will Amazon have multiple PPO plans that we can completely customize like finding the right iPhone case? Will Prime members get a 5% discount? Will I be able to receive health advice from nurses over the app?

Prescription drugs? Yes please! Well, I mean, anything must be cheaper than $500 epipens, right?

What about Amazon’s own currency? This way they can avoid credit card fees and become their own bank. Speaking of which, why not offer investment funds with low fees, certificate of deposits or even a trading platform?

Travel? Amazon could buy a travel platform like Hotwire or Travelocity.

Cars? I would love to lease or buy a car from Amazon. Seems like that could make easy sense.

Houses? Why not – it could become a real estate platform for listings and low fees.

There are many industries ripe for disruption… the few mentioned above are probably just the beginning. For now, I’ll stick to my subscribe-and-save monthly deliveries.