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Facebook and these turbulent times

The troubles for Facebook continue to mount with the latest being the Washington D.C. attorney general filing suit against the social network related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This is likely the first of many.

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Oath (a.k.a. AOL and Yahoo) depresses Verizon’s valuation

Media companies are fickle little things, aren’t they? They live and die by advertising and partnerships. But if interests change, can companies evolve?


Find the right first employees for your new business

When you start a new business, hiring your employees is often one of the first and most important steps. Employees are nothing short of the lifeforce of a company. Without great staff, your growth, and ultimately your success, will be severely limited. You need people to help you succeed. And over time, you’ll come to…
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Employee turnover affects your business

What’s the most critical asset to your company? If you answered anything other than “the staff”, now is the time to adjust your approach to ensure long term success. Great employees are the driving force behind any venture, and it’s important to realize that employee turnover affects your business significantly. Turnover is often overlooked and…
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