Facebook and these turbulent times

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

The troubles for Facebook continue to mount with the latest being the Washington D.C. attorney general filing suit against the social network related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This is likely the first of many.

But the troubles for Facebook don’t stop with Cambridge Analytica. In fact, after multiple Congressional hearings and investigations, it is only now being revealed the bulk of the Russian propaganda was actually on Instagram (owned by Facebook). Yet this had not been revealed until much more recently.

This leads me to believe that there’s a lot of chaos at Facebook with significant lack of management and oversight (not Federal, but internal.) For example, I wonder how many employee laptops have passwords to sensitive databases and servers; how many email accounts of unprotected files of user data containing PII, and so on… Has anyone done an audit? Has the race to build the most ubiquitous social network the world has ever seen mean that the goal was to build and release with reckless abandon and disregard to forethought? How many more plug-ins, apps and features have been shared with back doors to other organizations to mine and exploit?

Where will it end? I don’t think anyone knows, because no one can know. There’s no one minding the store. And there’s no reset button.