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We’re living in a material world…

The unboxing and hauling craze on YouTube and my quick take.

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Oath (a.k.a. AOL and Yahoo) depresses Verizon’s valuation

Media companies are fickle little things, aren’t they? They live and die by advertising and partnerships. But if interests change, can companies evolve?

Google Plus

The end of Google Plus

Google announced the shuttering of its much maligned social network today.

Healthcare & Amazon

What’s Next for Amazon?

Remember when Amazon was a seller of books? My how things have changed! In 2018, nearly half of all consumer product searches started on Amazon.

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Tips for closing your first deals

Running a successful business requires you to master a whole host of different skills. And one skill in particular can mean the difference between success and failure – closing deals. There’s no doubt that closing deals is one of the hardest challenges that many new entrepreneurs face. Whether your customers are individuals (B2C or business-to-consumer)…
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How to start your own business (and six books to inspire you along the way)

If you’re eager to escape the rat race or simply want to make a mark on the world, you might be considering throwing your hat into the world of startups. Perhaps you already have a plan or idea for a business and are now eager to put it into action. It’s true that plenty of…
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4 Lessons I Learned from Starting My Own Business

In a world that both admires and values entrepreneurship, deciding to take the plunge and start a business can be intimidating and overwhelming. I believed that I went into my first major business endeavor with my eyes wide open, thinking that I had researched sufficiently and thus knew exactly what to expect. However, I soon…
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