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Snack bot ends the need to get off the couch (sort of)

Snackbots takeover the University of the Pacific, and here’s what we need to do about it.

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What’s Next for Amazon?

Remember when Amazon was a seller of books? My how things have changed! In 2018, nearly half of all consumer product searches started on Amazon.

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Tips for optimal customer service

Customer service is often overlooked by a number of new entrepreneurs, often because you’re being pulled in a number of different directions when starting your own business. However, we all know that customer service – outstanding customer service – can be a paramount ingredient to sustained business success. It can also be a differentiating characteristic…
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Don’t forget your good customers

Every entrepreneur should appreciate the fact that keeping clients happy is about far more than providing quality products. Quality customer care is an equally crucial matter that can make all the difference to retention rates. A one point reduction in churn can yield a double digit increase in margin. The most common pitfall in this…
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Customer service impacts your brand

In the global marketplace of business and social media, the importance of successful branding cannot be emphasized enough. An attractive logo, catchy ad campaign, and impressive website or store will undoubtedly set a positive first impression, but these aren’t the only crucial factors to consider. In truth, the quality of your customer care could become…
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Customer Service is about Listening

In the age of the internet, customers have more choice than ever before when it comes to purchasing nearly any type of product or service. The internet and globalization have opened up a wealth of options to the eager consumer. As a result, companies have to try harder than ever to capture and keep their…
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