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Tips for closing your first deals

Running a successful business requires you to master a whole host of different skills. And one skill in particular can mean the difference between success and failure – closing deals. There’s no doubt that closing deals is one of the hardest challenges that many new entrepreneurs face. Whether your customers are individuals (B2C or business-to-consumer)…
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Tips for a smooth airport experience

Airports can be stressful places, even when you’re going on an exciting trip. Travelers have to navigate these often unfamiliar spaces and get through several stages of ticketing and screening before boarding their flight. Even small, regional airports require you to jump through the same hoops to ensure security. The stress of getting to your…
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Simple gear that makes an impact on your photos

Whether you’re a new photographer or an experienced one, looking to enhance the quality of your shots is likely an ever evolving ambition. While there are many ways to improve your skills through technical advancements and continuous practice, equipping yourself with the right basic equipment for your setup will position you for long term success.…
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How to start your own business (and six books to inspire you along the way)

If you’re eager to escape the rat race or simply want to make a mark on the world, you might be considering throwing your hat into the world of startups. Perhaps you already have a plan or idea for a business and are now eager to put it into action. It’s true that plenty of…
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Find the right first employees for your new business

When you start a new business, hiring your employees is often one of the first and most important steps. Employees are nothing short of the lifeforce of a company. Without great staff, your growth, and ultimately your success, will be severely limited. You need people to help you succeed. And over time, you’ll come to…
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Employee turnover affects your business

What’s the most critical asset to your company? If you answered anything other than “the staff”, now is the time to adjust your approach to ensure long term success. Great employees are the driving force behind any venture, and it’s important to realize that employee turnover affects your business significantly. Turnover is often overlooked and…
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Do megapixels matter?

As an enthusiast of digital photography, it is inevitable that you’ll encounter quite a few alien terms and phrases, and megapixels is one of the words most photographers will come across when looking at different camera models. After all, most of the adverts for digital cameras and modern smartphones will list the number of megapixels…
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Must-have phone apps for travelers

The smartphone is one of the most important assets at any traveler’s disposal. However, the first step to unlocking the full potential of this resource is to equip it with the right apps. With so many options on the market (tens of thousands), finding the right ones can feel a little confusing or overwhelming. Fear…
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Tips for eating healthy while traveling

Eating healthy food when you’re traveling can be a little tough. First, you’re likely eating on the go at the airport or on the airplane. Then, there’s the harsh reality that you won’t likely have a fridge or kitchen, so you’ll be eating out each meal. And finally, you might be a location where you…
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Tips for optimal customer service

Customer service is often overlooked by a number of new entrepreneurs, often because you’re being pulled in a number of different directions when starting your own business. However, we all know that customer service – outstanding customer service – can be a paramount ingredient to sustained business success. It can also be a differentiating characteristic…
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